A Note From Chef Katherine

Growing up in a Greek family, my days of being delighted by delicious food, learning our traditional family recipes from my parents, baking with my Yiayias and enjoying wonderful, wholesome meals around the family table, began at a very young age. As I grew, so also did my passion for the art of cooking and also for the importance of eating healthy, organic, sustainable food… food that nourishes the body and also feeds the mind and the soul. What a blessing it has been to pursue cooking as my career. I have continued to learn and improve my skillset since finishing culinary school in 2009. It has been an incredible journey thus far and it has only just begun…

The Greeks say, “ Yiasou ta heria sou!” meaning, “Bravo to the hands that prepared this food.” I am eternally grateful for the hands that taught me how to do so.